MailChimp Signup

The MailChimp Signup Action allows your audience to earn point or entries towards your campaign by signing up for a MailChimp List. This action will collect the First Name, Last Name and Email from your audience into your chosen MailChimp List.


To successfully use the MailChimp action you need to first link your MailChimp and Sideqik Account.

To configure your MailChimp account, go “Integrations” located within your Account Settings tab and follow the directions to link your MailChimp account.


When you select the “MailChimp Signup” action you will be able to edit the Title of the action, value of the action, which MailChimp list the action will use, Action description and the Call to Action text.

The MailChimp Lists which are available for use in the action are the ones which are from your MailChimp account. For a new list to be selected it must first be made in your MailChimp account.

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