Recruit a Friend

Fans are often afraid to share campaigns because they feel that they will have a lesser chance of winning with more people entered. Sideqik fixes this problem by allowing you to incentivize your audience into inviting their friends by giving them extra entries for doing so. The "Recruit Friends" action will attach a tracked URL and will not attribute points or entries unless their friend clicks the link and participates in your campaign.

Best Practices for Customizing Action

The “Recruit a Friend” action  needs to be one of the highest value actions in your campaign to give extra incentives for your audience. When adding the action to your campaign, you will be able to customize the sharing options for the action. The action will function as a suggested post which will be published through your audience’s social media. The options you will want to customize for your audience are:

  • The number of points or entries the action is worth
  • Instructions for your audience on how to recruit their friends
  • Adding a custom URL or a link back to the campaign at the bottom of the message
  • Suggested messages to be shared across Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter


Why “Recruit a Friend” is so important

By making this action of higher value than the other actions included in your campaign, you will be transforming your audience and your influencers audience into mini-influencers. By encouraging the collective audience of you and your influencers to share and promote your campaign you will be able to reach an otherwise untargeted audience. A customer who buys through physical or third party vendors may be unaware of your online campaigns, the “Recruit a Friend” action will allow you to engage these customers by networking through your established online audience.


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