YouTube Contest Action


The "YouTube Contest" action allows your fans to earn an entry into your campaign by uploading a YouTube video either directly from their computer or through their own YouTube channel. By adding this action to your campaign a new tab labeled "Videos" will be added under your campaign's banner image and will be a complete library of all of the videos upload throughout the lifetime of the campaign.

Best Practices

A few examples of the type of video contests you can run include:

 Talent Contest - A joke contest, lip syncing, poetry recitals or tongue twisters. Or something more professional, such as inviting participants to record themselves playing an instrument or carrying out a creative cover version of a hit song.

Sporting Events - Events such as marathons, smaller tennis tournaments or minor soccer league games with local teams. Or something simple, such as tricks they can do with a soccer ball.

Hobbies and Interests - Create a campaign around popular tv shows, books or video games or one in which your audience films themselves playing their favorite video game. Another option could be a video contest of pets showing their abilities.

Promote an Event - Ask the audience of a musical to upload videos of the photo call or of the part of the play that they enjoyed most. Or if the contest is offering tickets to the event as a prize entrants could be asked to say why they want to go. 

Adding Action

When selecting the "YouTube Contest" action a pop-up window will allow you to edit the title of the action, instructions to upload a video, instructions to share a video, default share text that is displayed when a video is shared and the number of entries the action is worth. When a video is shared a link back to the promotion will automatically be attached.

When you are done editing the action settings, select the green create action button located in the bottom right corner of the pop up to save your action and to add it to your campaign.


When a user selects the action in the campaign they will be given two option to upload a video:

  1. Select a video directly from their computer and upload it to their YouTube channel
  2. Select a YouTube video already on their channel and use it’s URL to complete the action

The first option, uploading a video directly from their computer, will automatically verify their YouTube channel during the process of uploading the video. If they decide to use a YouTube URL to complete the action they must verify the YouTube account associated with the link. This is to protect those who enter your campaign only use their videos and are not using videos they did not produce or create.


Once the video is uploaded, your audience will be given the option to share their video through Facebook Messages, Facebook Posts, Twitter Tweets, or Pinterest Pins. Each share will automatically attach an embedded link pointing back to your campaign.


When a video is uploaded through the “YouTube Contest” action, the video will automatically be added to a gallery located under the “Vote” tab of your campaign. Here your audience will be able to see every video uploaded through your campaign and easily vote for an individual video. The videos with the most votes will appear at the top and the list will continue to be updated as long as the campaign is live.

To quickly vote for a video, select the heart located in the bottom right corner of each video. To expand the video to show more detail, such as it’s unique link, sharing options and video title, click the center of the video. This is from the audience perspective and allows the video to be viewed at a fuller size without taking them away from your campaign.

If you would like to hide the uploaded videos for this campaign or you would like to change any of the tabs on your campaign you are able to do so by editing the HTML and CSS properties. Read more about editing HTML / CSS for you campaign.

See our example below of what a live campaign would look like. 


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