Leveraging Existing Content

Long-Form Content

Long-form content is any content which your brand is able to leverage to consistently drive traffic to your site or specific landing page.  Because most of your audience may not know about the content when it was originally produced, it is possible to update and redistribute existing content on a regular rotation without it becoming repetitive. Examples of long-form content include:

  • Tutorials
  • Video Series
  • Recipe
  • E-book
  • Infographics


Distributing long-form content through a Sideqik can be done as a reward, an action or directly embedded within an email sent to your audience. An example can be a reward, an e-book or .pdf of unique content from your main site or an action such as “Pin to Pinterest” for your audience to raise the authority on visual assets which you have on that platform.

Best Practices

To leverage your existing content in a Sideqik campaign, the suggested actions to attach your content to are:


 Twitter Retweet

When promoting over Twitter, one best practice is to offer a teaser or a small piece of information associated with a much larger piece of content which is located on your own site or where you wish to drive traffic. Examples of this can be a quote from an e-book you are promoting or a teaser image for a new product launch, something which relates to the original content. The "Twitter Retweet" action allows you to incentivize a particular tweet, building the authority of the hashtag associated with that tweet and your brand.

 Photo Upload

User generated content is a great way to increase engagement and reward customer loyalty. The “Photo Upload” Action allows your audience to upload their own photos to your campaign, which can be downloaded for use in later campaigns and promotional material.

 Watch Video

Any archived videos which have proven to be reliable sources of traffic are a good choice for the “Watch Video” action.Popular tournaments and training series serve well as long term content which can be easily updated with little effort but still provide a steady source traffic. The “Watch VIdeo” Action allows you to adjust the frequency of when this action is available. You are able to use this to encourage your audience to catch up on past events before upcoming events or releases.

 YouTube Upload

User Testimonials and Product Reviews are an effective and easy way to build authenticity for your brand. The “YouTube Upload” action allows your audience to record and upload private videos to their own YouTube channels which you are able to utilize later for video content and promotional material.

 Visit Website

Using the “Visit Website” Action on your Sideqik campaign will allow you to direct your audience to a popular tool or section of your website. Having this specific location be long-term content will increase the likelihood of your audience bookmarking the page and returning on a regular basis.


 Pin to Pinterest

For Brands with visual content, Pinterest is an effective platform for increasing awareness and reach. Pins function as visual bookmarks and make your content easily available for your audience to find on Pinterest. With enough Pins, your content will become more popular within it’s category on Pinterest.

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