Manage Unique Code Pools

By creating separate unique code pools within our campaign you will be able to reward your audience for different levels of participation within your campaign. Some examples for the type of Unique Code to include in your next campaign can be a Coupon Code, Beta Keys or Promotional Codes for a specific product or service. The distribution method for your unique code should be determined by the type and value assigned to it. If you want everyone who participates in the campaign to receive a code, the most effective practice would be to include the unique code in email notifications  from entry into the campaign and to enter the code manually. If you want the unique code to be distributed to a limited number of participants, the most effective practice would be to include the unique code in the email sent to winners of your campaign or as rewards from Actions for Points campaigns and assign a specific code pool to each.


Manage Unique Codes


To add / edit / delete the separate unique code pools for your campaign, select the “Manage Codes” button which can be found below the text fields for the “Give a Unique Code” reward in an Actions for Points campaign or by choosing the “attach a unique code” checkbox on the “Entry Email” located under the Email section of the sidebar.


To use multiple codes, enter one code per line or separate each code with a comma. Once you have finished inputting your unique code or codes, select the green button labeled “Save.” To add a new code pool to your campaign, select “New Code Pool.” This will allow you to enter the name for the new code pool you want to add. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard to save the new code pool and be able to begin adding codes. Once you have finished inputting the unique codes for your campaign, select the green “Save” button and the chosen code pool will be attached to the email or reward it is associated with. To ensure that the codes are attached to  your emails, use the merge tag “Unique Code” to attach {{CODE}}.



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