How to use a Custom Action

The "Custom iFrame" action allows you to insert a unique action into your promotion. When selecting the "Custom iFrame" action a pop-up window will allow you to edit the title of the action, the frequency that the action is able to be completed, the source URL to appear inside the iframe, the height of the iframe in pixels and the number of entries the action is worth.


The “Custom iFrame” action requires you to setup a web page and add some JavaScript to enable Sideqik to track the action within the platform. If your unique action is able to fit within the height you set for the iFrame then you will be able to implement and track your own unique action through your campaign.



Setting up Your iFrame Action

To implement a custom “iFrame Action” into your promotion, you need to host a page which will be used within the iFrame on your own web server. By including Sideqik’s Javascript API on the page which will be featured within the iFrame, the action will be tracked through the Sideqik platform and collect data similar to a normal action. The script which you need to include in the body tag can be found in the action menu. This will appear when you choose to add the action or edit an existing custom action. The image below shows where you will be able to find the code snippet for tracking your custom action:



Configuring Your Custom iFrame action in Sideqik

Once you've set up a page, add a Custom iFrame action to your Sideqik Actions for Points or Actions for Entries campaign by clicking the “Add Action” button located in the top right corner of the Edit Actions sidebar. In the new pop-up window select the “Custom iFrame” action.

Set the “iFrame Source URL” to the address of your page.

Important: this needs to be an HTTPS location.

Set the “Height” to be the initial height you want the iframe to be. This should be based on how tall your content usually is. You can also add




within your page if you want the height of your action to automatically adjust to its height. The width of the iFrame is set to 570px and cannot be changed as it is limited by the width of the campaign itself.


The Custom iFrame action takes a little more work to setup than most of Sideqik's actions, but it allows you to track any action you can imagine within your Sideqik promotions.  


Best Practices

The “Custom iFrame” action has the potential to turn your campaign into something truly unique. Some actions which you can include in the “Custom iFrame” action include:

  • newsletter sign-up - ( integrated with your email provider)
  • questionnaire / quiz
  • register / login for brand specific account

The actions you are able to include with the “Custom iFrame” are unlimited, but this feature requires more technical knowledge than any other aspect of Sideqik. If you have any problems setting up your custom action, feel free to contact us and we would will be able to assist you!


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