Build a Brand Ambassador Program


This template is designed to get visitors to apply to be in your brand ambassador program. The focal point of this campaign is the Influence Evaluator action. This is how visitors will apply to be in the program and how you will evaluate who to recruit into the program.

Best Practices

Customizing the Influence Evaluator Form

Be sure you customize this form in your settings so that you get all the information you need to evaluate potential ambassadors. To learn more about customizing the influence evaluator form, look at this article.

Call to Action

Be sure to tell visitors what benefits they will receive for being a brand ambassador. The best place for this is in the Call to Action text box. This text should explain the program, tell them what benefits they receive, and get them hyped to apply!


In the details tab of the campaign, explain the program in depth. You should tell ambassadors what their responsibilities are, what benefits they get (more in depth that in the call to action text), and any other important information.

Show a Video

A great way to explain your brand ambassador program is in a video. A video allows you to give applicants all the important information about the program, as well as explain the overall purpose of this program. You can embed this video in the Call to Action text or in the Watch Video action. 

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