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Email acquisition is a key part to growing a brand. Do you have a great newsletter, do you email out awesome announcements and content? Take advantage of the the users coming through your campaigns to add them to your awesome email lists. 


Best Practices

Make it Easy

Keep subscription forms short. This encourages your audience to actually fill them out, and enable auto-fill to complete most of the form. In addition, short forms give your audience greater sense of security; often times, people feel uncomfortable with filling out long forms requiring more personal information. 

Tell Them Everything they Need to Know

Tell your audience exactly what will happen when they fill out the form, and tell them how to get out of it. For instance, if they are signing up for your newsletter, tell them how long the newsletter will run, how often they will receive it, and what it will contain. In addition, tell your audience how to leave the newsletter if they wish to do so. This will give people a sense of comfort, encouraging them to fill out the email capture form. 

Add Email Share Button

Allow users to share your emails; include social buttons throughout the emails to promote easy sharing. If users enjoy your content, they will want to promote it, so be sure to write thoughtful, and helpful newsletters. The more users share, the faster your  email lists will grow. You can promote sharing by contributing to other blogs as well, and including your newsletter sign-up in your personal "author" section. 

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