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This template allows you to distribute content to your fans in exchange for actions that they will complete. The key to this campaign is making a "Download a File" reward that distributes the content you choose. This can be anything: a song, a video, a coupon, a ticket, etc. 

Best Practices

Call to Action

Make sure that you tell the visitors the reward they are getting for completing the actions in the call to action setting of the campaign. Without knowing the incentive, visitors are not likely to complete the actions. So tell them what they will get!

Form Action

The form action will allow you collect any additional information you want to know. Growing your social reach is great, but getting to know your consumers is very important. By adding the form action, you can collect emails, get subscriptions to your newsletter, gather demographics, ask a question, or anything else. The options are limitless, so take advantage of this action.


As mentioned in the overview, the key to this campaign is the "Download a File" reward. The recommended actions help you grow your social reach, as well as collect any additional information they want with the "Form" action. Be sure to assign the point values of each action to total to the amount of the reward. This will ensure that visitors will complete all actions before they get to claim the reward. If you do not want to require visitors to complete every action, assign the point value needed to claim reward equal to the amount of points that you think is sufficient.

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