Distribute Printable Coupons


Distribute printable coupons as rewards for completing actions. Giving out coupons is a great way to get consumers engaged and, more importantly, get them to complete the actions of your choice. There is a video at the bottom of this article that shows how to include the coupon for download.


Best Practices

Reward Level

Make sure you set the number of points required to receive the coupon equal to the total amount of points of the actions that you want users to complete. This will ensure that you only give the coupon out when the users complete important actions.

Coupon Distribution

In order to set up this promotion properly, you will have to upload a PDF of the printable coupon as a reward. The short video below shows you how to navigate rewards and how to add your coupon.

Reward Email

You can upload the coupon in the reward email. This allows people who earned the reward to receive it in the email again, so they do not lose it. This also allows you to interact with the user one more time.

To learn more about the how to distribute unique coupon codes through Sideqik, click here.

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