Product Launch Video


Thinking about highlighting your new product launch with a video? This campaign template is designed to increase awareness and engagement for your new product or service. 


Best Practices

Drive Audience to Video

All actions should drive your audience to the product launch video, one way or another. This could also mean creating actions for your audience to share the video to other people. We have built several actions that we believe are most effective.

Make your Video Viral

There are several different factors concerning what it takes to create a viral video. This article does a great job of highlighting some of the best product videos out there. Short and sweet goes a long way, as does humor, and "shock factor." Utilize these elements, along with our platform to achieve maximum results. 

Tell Your Story 

Use your product launch video to tell the story of your company, or how the new idea came to be. Utilize your customers to tell this story, and present it in a positive way. 

Utilize Passionate Influencers

Include passionate influencers as partners in the promotion. These influencers will be most likely to activate their audience, and help you accomplish your engagement goals. 

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