Instagram Engagement


This template is designed to help increase engagement on Instagram. The recommended actions below are included to increase your reach and collect user generated content.


Best Practices

Cross-Post Instagram Images

Use Instagram to publish your photos and then cross-post them to your other social media to boost engagement over text-only posts.

* +94 percent total views for all social media articles with images compared to text only.

* +98 percent Linkedin engagement

* +94 percent Google+ +1s

* +73 percent Facebook engagement

* +35 percent Twitter Retweets for photo links

Juicing up Instagram Engagement 

There’s a science to maximizing Instagram impact.

* +38 percent for images with faces, +32 percent comments

* +30 percent engagement for images showing real customers using products

* +29 percent likes for high background space vs. low background space

* +26 percent for photos vs. videos

* +24 percent likes if blue-dominant image vs. red-dominant image

* +24 percent likes for light images vs. dark iimages

* +6 percent engagement Sunday (most used) vs. Wednesday (least used)

* +2 percent engagement using Mayfair filter (most used) vs. Toaster (least used). +6 Mayfair vs. no filter

* +1 percent photo engagement weekdays vs. weeknights and weekends

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