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To increase traffic for a YouTube channel the YouTube campaign templates allow you to embedded select videos and redirect to your channel. This is a good way to raise brand awareness and draw fans to your page. We have also included Facebook and Twitter actions in the template to increase SEO for your brand. Below are some recommended actions and best practices for running a successful YouTube Campaign.


Best Practices

Fill in Metadata

Add detailed descriptions your Youtube videos to make them more easily searchable by your audience. Be sure to include keywords. 

Catchy Thumbnails

Thumbnails are a visual representation of your video that most often determines whether someone clicks on your video or not. Be sure that it is visually appealing, and makes the viewer want to see more. 


Annotations are links that you can add into your videos through the video management tool. Add annotations to your videos to drive clicks back to your site. Just be sure they are not overwhelming or annoying. 


Add standard opening and closing sequences to your videos, as a means of branding. Keep video lengths consistent, preferably under 3 mins. Retention rate studies show click through rates begin to drop after 2 1/2 mins. 


According to, when Youtube videos are embedded in emails, the call to action rate is nearly 90% higher. Include videos in your newsletters. 

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