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A great way to engage your consumers is through a photo contest. In addition to activating your audience, photo contests provide user generated content which is easily shareable on social media. This allows the consumer to feel more connected to the brand and gives your company plenty of content that can be used in the future, truly a win/win. Below are some recommended actions and best practices for running a successful photo contest campaign.


Best Practices

Action Value

Having your audience upload images is going to require more effort on their part, so it is essential to value these actions much higher than the other actions, as incentive to complete them. 


Be sure to explain where the user content will live, for privacy reasons, or they may not be willing to share. Be sure to include disclaimers in the campaign as well. 


After launching the campaign and a photo has been uploaded, a tab in the campaign called "Vote" will appear. This is where visitors can go to vote on their favorite photo and is really where the contest part comes in. Be sure you tell your visitors to vote on their favorite photo and to share the campaign to get their friends to vote on their photo. This is best done in the Call to Action section of the campaign. 

By selected the vote details, the heart and number icon located in the bottom right corner of the uploaded photo, a pop up window will display the Name, E-mail, IP address and date & time of vote for each individual vote cast for that individual photo. This allow you to monitor the photo contest for your campaign and ensure that your growth is genuine and that no one is voting with fake accounts.

To learn more about this, click here.

Unique Photo Contest Merge Tag

The following code is a unique merge tag which you are able to place into the Entry e-mail for your Photo Contest Campaign. When editing the "Entry" email for your campaign, select the HTML editor from the toolbar. Copy and Paste the below code into the email message:

{% if photo_url %}
<p>Share your photo with friends and encourage them to vote:<br/>
{% endif %}

Those who upload a photo will automatically have their photo, photo url and photo link attached to an email which they can easily share. If they do not upload a photo, they will receive the text outside of the 

{% if photo_url %}

{% endif %}

See more blueprints here

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