Facebook Engagement


This template is designed to help increase engagement on Facebook. The recommended actions below are included to help tap into your relevant influencers to gain the widest reach, as well as promote your influencers's channels.

Best Practices


Be sure you are posting to Facebook at the optimal time. There are many contradicting opinions on when the best time to post is, but it often depends on your audience. Generally, it is a good idea to post when you think your audience will be on lunch break, or after dinner. A lot of this may be trial and error... use Facebook analytics (on the posts screen in Sideqik) to determine what time your posts get the most impressions. 

PS - posting frequently is good, but posting over 3 times a day on Facebook has shown decreased engagement, so don't overdo it! 


Image posts receive a 39% higher interaction rate (LinchpinSEO); so be sure to post images, but not too many, or they will lose their effect. 

Call to Action

Posts that include a specific request receive over 3x the engagement (LinchpinSEO)! Calls-to-Action could include anything from requesting users to "comment below," or "Like this post" or even "share with friends." 

Facebook Ads

Facebook offers the options to advertise based on location, demographics, and interests. Posts may be promoted and advertised on Facebook to achieve a wider audience. The effectiveness of Facebook ads varies by industry, but E-commerce, media, blogs, travel, automotive, and startups are known to benefit from Facebook ads. 

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