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Whether it is an eCommerce store, a blog, or just a general website, we have a blueprint that is made to drive traffic there. Promoting your social channels with campaigns is good for increasing your reach but eventually you have to lead consumers to where conversions are made, the website. Below is a list of recommended actions, as well as some best practices for your campaign.


Best Practices

Social Media

Older content can be "revived" by re-posting it to different social media channels. There is a good chance many people didn't see it the first time around, so reposting is a good chance to gain more views. 

Content Recaps

Include a "content recap" at the end of every month in your newsletters. This gives subscribers a chance to view any content they missed the first time around. 


Return to old blog posts, and make sure their SEO is updated and adequate. This includes link-backs, keywords (especially long-tail), and blog post images. More info on SEO optimization can be found on the help guide : "Increasing SEO." 

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords will help your SEO ratings. Be sure all your posts have correlating keywords relating to the content they describe. For more info on long-tail keywords, click Here

Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Facebook and LinkedIn groups are a good way to drive traffic back to your site. It's a good idea to create groups based on the purpose of your company, then include link-backs on the groups. Allow members to ask support questions, and give them thoughtful responses. 


Include link-backs from your emails, social media pages, and group pages. These link-backs will be an extra source for people to click through to you site and can only help you! It's also smart to include links from one blog to another, where it's relevant. You can even guest blog on other sites, and include a link-back in your "author" profile... if people enjoyed your content, they will likely link back to your site! 

Cite Influencers

When creating content that mentions someone specific, be sure to mention them in your Tweet. This is a good way to get a retweet or response, which will expose you to their audience and drive more traffic to your site. 

Create a "Top 10" Post 

Pick the top 10 websites or blogs in your niche and list them out in a post. Provide links to their sites, and be sure to mention them in your posts. This will help you gain a piece of their audience. 

Online Interaction

Retweeting isn't enough anymore. People want interaction, so be sure to respond to people who tweet at you, and respond to people who tweet relevant topics. It is also a good idea to comment on blogs, as well as respond to comments on your blog posts. You may even write a response blog post to someone else's blog or tweet, then mention them when sharing the post. These kind of actions will promote conversations between you and other parties, and help you gain website traffic (especially if they are influential in your space). 

Interview Industry Influencers

Find leaders in your industry, and schedule interviews with them. Not only is this a good source of information for blog posts, but it is also a good way to engage other audiences. 

There are many ways to drive traffic to your site, these are a few different and important ideas that are less known. For more information, Forbes magazine listed 39 ways to increase traffic to your site. Much of our advice is derived from this list. It can be found Here

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