Getting the Most Out of Your Campaigns

As the saying goes "you get out what you put in.” If you want to get the most out of your campaign, take the extra steps to make sure you are promoting it. Take a look at our article on how to promote your campaigns.

Be strategic in choosing an action for the campaign that will help you achieve a goal. As a partner, Sideqik can help you accomplish a few of your personal marketing initiatives, which we go into more detail in our article on what actions to add. You don't have to stop there either, after running a few campaigns with a company, you may cultivate a relationship that allows you to ask them to add specialized actions just for you. So partner up and do it often.

If you are a part of a giveaway campaign offer to add a product or service to the overall prize. It can be anything from a physical product to an exclusive download. You don't have to lose a lot of cash to give away a great prize. 

 We have listed some examples which you can use to reward your audience below. 


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