How to Promote Your Campaigns

POST, POST, POST is the first step to promoting your campaign. In most campaigns the influencers you are teaming up with will create social posts that can be scheduled to go out to your social audiences. This saves you time and the stress of having to create it yourself. Of course you have the ability to accept which post you would like to be pushed out, so you still have complete control of your social networks.

The more posts that go out, the more participants you will drive to the campaign. You also have the ability to edit any of the posts, because no one knows your audience better than you. It just takes a few seconds to tailor a post so the wording connects with your audience.

Not everyone in your social audience is always checking their Facebook and Twitter. Take the extra step to raise awareness by sending a message out to your email list. Tell them about the awesome campaign you are teaming up in. Your loyal followers will feel special that you took the time to tell them about a campaign that could benefit them.

Post at least a few times a week. Make it even more effective by finding the days and times that your users are more likely to be checking out their feeds. Sending an email out to your subscribers is a must and that allows your audience to see the campaign at their convenience. So get out there and promote like the pro that you are!

Understanding Your Results

By publishing posts through Sideqik, you will be able to measure the number of visits, entries and impressions you have contributed for the campaign. This will ensure that you will be able to accurately gauge your contribution.

Visits: The number of visitors you have driven to your campaign's landing page using your unique link. Everyone who visits your unique landing page will be counted towards your visitor count.

Entries: The number of entries completed on your unique landing page. These are now many people have actively entered the campaign and are actively participants. 

Post Impressions: The number of impressions of the posts which were published through Sideqik. If you do not post through Sideqik the "Post Impressions" will not be reflected here.


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