How to Approve a Post

Approving posts is a key part to the success of a campaign. When you are invited to a campaign as an influencer you will have a selection of suggested posts which you are able to approve post and publish to your social networks. This is how you are able to promote the campaign. If you aren't posting about the promotion your audience won't know about it.

Having the post pushed out from Sideqik is a great way to make sure that the links to your Sideqik landing pages are correct. Approved posts will be published through your Facebook page and Twitter with the correct link to ensure that you receive credit for traffic you drove for the campaign. 

Be successful by keeping it simple and taking advantage of the post scheduled inside of Sideqik. 

Check out the steps of how to approve posts:

Step one: You will receive an email from your partner company. Within the email you will click on the green "Preview & Get Started" button that will take you to Sideqik.



Step two: Once you are inside Sideqik you will see a promotion preview, as well as your preferred influencer action on the right sidebar. Click "Next" below the preferred influencer action to continue. 




Step Three: If you have read over the posts and decided you want to approve all of them to be scheduled, you can click the "Add All" button on the right side of the page. You can also filter the posts by channel by clicking Facebook or Twitter at the top of the page. If you click "Add All" while only viewing posts from one channel, it will only schedule the posts for that channel.

To schedule posts individually, just click the plus sign on the left side of the post and it will be scheduled. If you want to edit a single post, just click "Edit" in the bottom left corner of that post and click "Save" after you have made your changes.


Step Four: After you have finished scheduling posts and clicked "Next", you will be taken to your campaign dashboard. On the left side navigation bar, there is a tab that is labeled "Posts." On this tab, you will be able to see what posts you have scheduled and make any changes to these posts. You can also unschedule posts by clicking "Delete" and they will be moved back to the "Suggested" tab. For posts that have already been pushed out onto your social channels, you can track their performance on the published tab.

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