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This is your chance to really customize all your landings pages, emails, and campaigns. You have the option, which you should definitely exercise, to set you logo picture. We recommend a logo picture about 220x130 pixels. It’s not a big deal if your standard logo is larger, but just be aware that it will automatically be resized to scale.

You probably have a color associated with your brand. You can set the color by hex code or you can try eyeing if you click within the color box to have a color selector appear.

How To Edit Logo and Color

Step one: To upload your logo and edit your colors you will need to go to the "Account" link by clicking on the sidebar on the bottom-left corner of Sideqik. 

Step two: From inside the settings click on "Branding" located in the left column.

Step three: To upload your logo just click on the "Upload File" button and you will be able to select your logo from your files and upload.

 Step four: To edit your "Background Color" just press on the hex code box and a popup will appear that will allow you to pic a color or put in a specific hex code. 

Step five: Once you have uploaded your logo and set a color make sure to press the green "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

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