The communications tab allows you to create automated messages which are sent for specific actions your audience performs. The two separate buckets which you are able to create messages for includes one for Invitations and one for Applications.


The Invitations messages which you are able to create include a Twitter Invite and Email Invite. These templates are used when you send invites to influencers. The Twitter Invite is used through Discover to reach out to those in your audience who follow you on social media. The Email invite is used for influencers who are uploaded into your advocate program. Each invite will automatically attach a link to the form of your Advocate program and allow them to fill out the application and verify their accounts.


The Application Process emails are the second set of automated messages associated with your program. These are used when an applicant is either accepted, declined or has applied to be an advocate.


To set the parameters for your automated messaging, read more about Advocate Workflows.



As you invite influencers to apply to your program you are able to track their progress through your funnel as well. Sideqik's funnel for converting influencers includes queuing invitations, actively sending those invitations, influencers applying to your program and monitoring influencers who are active in your program. Once you have sent an invitation, their progress will appear in this tab for you to monitor.

As your influencers move through the funnel and click through your invitations they will be moved in the funnel. You are also able to see data about when the influencer opened the invitation and when they clicked through. You are also able to see which influencer received what type of invitation, whether it was a Twitter DM or Email, and the step in the funnel which they are currently in. 

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