Importing Influencers

When you upload an influencer list into an Advocate program your influencers will automatically be sent an Email invitation with an attached link to your advocated form. This will allow your list to both verify their social networks and fill out their profiles by answering additional questions you may have included on your form.

To import a selected list of influencers, go to the influencers tab in your advocate program and select the invite influencers button. The popup module will allow you to :

  • Upload a CSV of your influencers
  • Edit the invite Email which will be sent to uploaded influencers
  • Send a test message to selected Email addresses to preview applicant flow

It is suggested that you both customize the Invite message to warm influencers to joining your campaign and to experience the influencer flow yourself. This will help you do a final comb through of your influencer application to ensure that it meets your standards before sending it to your entire list.

To learn more about creating a program: Read our Overview of Advocate programs

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