Getting the Most from Your Influencers

If you want to get the most out of your influencers, there are a few suggestions to make sure you take.

First, how do you want to work with your influencers? Are you looking to pay your influencers through monetary means, award special VIP experiences, or send them swag show how much you love them. There are many ways you can work with influencers, not limited to the ones I just listed. The biggest influence you can make is to make them is make them feel "special"

Second, make sure you are touching base with your influencers. It doesn't have to be more than a few sentence email or a 5 minutes phone call, but taking that extra step may make all the difference. It may be a liking a tweet or commenting on their Instagram post. Either way your influencers will feel special and appreciate the attention you give them. 

Once you have built a relationship with some of your influencers you can continue to use them in more and more campaigns and give them creative reign to do some really awesome activations for you! 

Finally one of our personal favorite strategies for getting the most from your influencers is segmenting. I created a newsletter with some more information on how to segment your influencers for better management check it out here

Taking any of these steps is sure to have you seeing major results with your influencers. 

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