Activating Your Affiliates With Your Sideqik Campaign

Did you know all affiliates from Rakuten, LeadDyno, CJ, Post Affiliate Pro, and more are able to be tracked through Sideqik campaigns?

It is possible to integrate any of these Affiliate programs directly into your Sideqik campaign to leverage the referrals driven to your ecommerce store and track attribution of sales back to your influencers. The two options below will allow you to fully integrate Affiliate Sale Tracking Codes and / or Affiliate Pixel Tracking within the Sideqik platform:

  1. By directly including affiliate codes in messaging or emails.  Ex. consumers can copy the affiliate promo code and use it when checking out on your site.
  2. By automatically rewriting outbound links so they track any clicks to your site as an affiliate link.  Ex. you include a product link in your header or email text, and Sideqik automatically converts it to an affiliate tracking link 

Option #1: you must ensure that you include the affiliate code in your text when setting up your campaigns. This is often available in the "Merge Tags" dropdown and inserts an [AFFCODE] merge tag into your email or campaign text.

Option #2: after a one-time setup by Sideqik, affiliate codes will automatically be active for all of your Sideqik campaigns. Please contact your Sideqik account rep, and we'll be happy to enable automatic affiliate tracking on your account.

For example, if you include a link to in your campaign and it is shared by an affiliate whose code is XYZ, Sideqik can automatically rewrite this link to be This allows you to track attribution of purchases driven via Sideqik campaigns.

Both of these options require that any influencers in Sideqik who are affiliates have an "affiliate code" set in Sideqik. What the value of the affiliate code is may vary depending on which Affiliate Management software you are using. In most cases, this will be their affiliate ID from your Affiliate Management software.


How do I manually add affiliate codes to my emails or campaign text?

To manually add affiliate codes when customizing campaign email templates or text, you can add “Affiliate Code” merge tags. Our platform will automatically insert the appropriate code into your email based on which influencers drove traffic to the campaign. The affiliate code may also be a link, depending on the affiliate system that is used.


How do I associate affiliate codes with my influencers?

There are two options for adding affiliate codes in Sideqik:

  1. Manually set the affiliate code on each influencer through your "Influencers" tab.
  2. Import a spreadsheet or CSV file containing your influencers' emails and affiliate codes, and we can assign them in bulk.

Option #1 - Manually add affiliate codes

To add an affiliate code to each influencer, edit their settings in the Influencers page. The affiliate code has a shopping cart for an icon. This code will now be automatically associated with that influencer on any future campaigns.

Option #2 - Importing affiliate codes in bulk

If you have a large list of influencers, just let us know and we can add the affiliate codes for you in bulk. Here is more information about importing influencers. We can also update existing influencers that you've previously added or imported.

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