[Sideqik Best Practice] Targeting Activations

Have you seen how Activations and Labels can save you a ton of time? Use labels to quickly and easily create activations to help you see how influencers are adding value to your brand. 


Our most successful customers segment influencers by quality, region, andspecial interest. Don't let that limit you though, labels let you organize your influencers however you want. For example I am going to add a label for all my top talent. 

You can create as many labels as you want and easily edit them later.
E.G: Latin American Influencers, or Super Villain Influencers. 

Activations are Love, Activations are Life.

Labels save you time. I used my "Top Talent" label to see how well my influencers were marketing my brand. Since I paid them all the same I used Default payments to add a payment to all my influencers with just one click. 

You can use activations to see how your influencers are helping grow your brand. Labels and default payments make it even easier to save time, while helping you stay more organized and productive. 

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