Summer's Here, Grow Your Influencer Pool

Did you know that Sideqik can add analytics and data around any influencer that you're interested in, even if they're not in the platform? Now you can easily add any influencer into Sideqik all day every day! 

Scale Your Influencer Pool! 

We've been listening. We know you want to be able to see information behind any influencer, whether you work with them now or want to in the future. Now insights are only a few clicks away!

Finally! How can I use it? 

Easy! Just click the button and paste a url from the social profile you want to add. Let's use Casey Neistat for an example! You just paste in his youtube and....Bam! All his data ready to rock!

Did we miss something? 

Sometimes we don't pull in all the social profiles. When that (rarely) happens. Just click Add a Profile, next to the labels button, Paste in the profile link, and let Sideqik handle the rest.

Now you're done and ready to bring that influencer into your activations or view the detailed analytics and audience demographics behind them, and they never had to know. 

 Have fun growing your influencer pool, now dive on in!

Thanks for Reading! 

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