Sideqik Influencer Scoring

How does Sideqik score influencers?

Sideqik scores influencers' performance on a composite of 3 core metrics to create the Sideqik scores and strength meters you see throughout the platform.

  • Influence - how well they can sway large groups of people
  • Engagement - how much their audience engages with their content
  • Activity - how frequently they publish content relative to other creators

Each metric is ranked on a scale of 0-100.


How does reach factor into Sideqik's scores?

The Sideqik algorithm doesn't rely on reach as a key component of scores because it hurts hot new influencers who are on the rise or have smaller but loyal followings. Instead, we focus on how influencers are performing relative to other influencers who have similar reaches.

For example, let's take Sally, a large influencer with 2,000,000 reach, and John, a smaller influencer with 100,000 reach. Sally's engagement numbers will be compared to influencers with reaches of ~1,000,000 - ~3,000,000 whereas John will be compared to influencers with reaches of ~50,000 - ~250,000.


How does Sideqik compare influencers on different networks?

Sideqik scores each profile according to unique baselines for that particular network and then merges all the profile scores together based on the ones the influencer is strongest on.

This makes it simple for you to find the strongest influencers across all networks instead of picking through each network independently.


Do secondary/inactive profiles hurt influencers' scores?

Occasionally, influencers will pick up a secondary profile to post content on in addition to their main profile. Sideqik automatically determines which profile is an influencer's primary profile and weights it more heavily in the scores to make sure you see them in the best light.

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