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The largest video sharing site and second largest search engine, YouTube is a popular platform for content and influencer marketing. With a number of communities and creators producing a content for all different types of categories and niches. YouTube has remained a widely accessible platform for many brands seeking to reach a specific and targeted audience.

Subscribe to YouTube -  Following a brand page represents an active interest in your brand and a desire to keep up with new videos as they are released. This action is worth more than liking single videos because they are becoming fans of your main account.

Watch Video - Watching a YouTube video shows a passive interest in your brand. Once the video has started playing it is difficult to gauge their engagement with the video, which is why the value is one of the lowest for earned media.

YouTube Contest - The YouTube Contest allows your audience to post a video to their channel and shows that they support your brand enough to share it with their own audience. If an advocate uploads a video and dozens or even hundreds of audience members share or even see that post, your overall audience amplifies very quickly.


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