Organizing and Managing Influencers


First navigate to the "Influencer" tab. This is where all your influencers will live once you have approved them. If you already have influences you can either upload them as a CSV or manually add them.

Manually Add Influencers  
To add a new influencer click on the plus button on the right hand side. You will be promoted to enter the influencers email, name and company or organization. Next hit add influencer and their profile will pop up. Here you will be able to add additional information about your influencer

Importing Influencers
To import a group of influencers at once click on the import button and download the CSV template and fill it out with your influencers information. After you have filed it out save it as a CSV and upload it to Sideqik. Pretty simple.

Managing and Creating Lists
Next let’s take a look at the lists. As your influencer team grows you will want to make sure to keep them all organized and this is a great way to do that. To create a new list either click on “new list” or click on "manage lists” here you will be able to add a new list and choose a color to coordinate to it. To add influencers to a list you can either click on their profile picture then add them to a list or you can add them to a list by editing their profile.

What’s so cool about sideqik is we allow you to create and build your own vetted team of influencer. If you are interested in learning how to activate you influencers and run campaigns with them we would love to talk with you more!


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