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After selecting the "Create a Campaign" button, located in the top right corner of the campaign dashboard, you will be taken to the beginning of the campaign design workflow where you will be able to Choose a Blueprint to Get Started. Picking the proper campaign type is incredibly important. Each campaign type and blueprint is designed is to drive particular marketing initiatives, make sure to read what each has to offer below and visit our Leveraging Sideqik Blueprints section for more guidance.


By default All Campaign types will be displayed. Use the bar at the top of the page to toggle between the available campaign types.

The three campaign types available are:

Actions Campaign: Actions Campaigns urge fans to complete actions you choose to earn points and / or entries. You create reward tiers, and as fans reach them they earn points. Best Used for giveaways and raffles by providing rewards like:

  • Entries to a giveaway
  • Entries for a raffle
  • A special coupon
  • Access to a song download
  • Exclusive PDFs
  • Etc. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Any data collected, design or setting customization will not be lost if an Actions campaign is switch from a Points to Entry or an Entry to Points campaign prior to launch or during a live campaign.

Poll Campaign:  The Poll Campaign prompts your fans to vote. The number of choices included for this campaign can be unlimited. Best Used for:

  • Feedback on products
  • Input from followers
  • Engaging your audience
  • Polling
  • Quick data collection

Simple Entry Campaign: Simple Entry Campaigns encourages fans to fill out a form you create. Best Used for:

  • Giveaways
  • RSVPs for events
  • Simple data collection

You can export the data collected as a spreadsheet.


When selecting your campaign, you may also choose between multiple pre-made blueprints depending on the particular campaigns goals. The blueprints available for each Campaign type include:

Actions Campaign

Poll Campaign

Simple Entry Campaign

Facebook Engagement

Product Features Poll

Collect Emails

Instagram Engagement

User Feedback

Gather Customer Data

Twitch Engagement


Gather Testimonials

YouTube Engagement


Photo Caption Contest

Pinterest Engagement


Video Upload

Drive Blog Traffic


Photo Contest


Product Launch Video


Boost SEO


Printable Coupon


Distribute Coupon Codes



To preview a blueprint for a campaign click (Preview), located in the description text of each blueprint. A separate popup will display a visual representation of what the blueprint will look like.

To cycle through the available blueprints, use the left or right arrow keys located to the left or right of the preview. This will cycle through all available blueprints for the selected campaign type.


For Best Practices and more detailed information about each available Blueprint, click the “?” located in the top right corner of each blueprint’s individual box.


If you wish to build your own campaign without the use of a blueprint, select the “Custom Campaign” template.


Once you have selected the correct campaign for your particular goal, click select the “Choose” which is located at the bottom of each individual blueprint description or at the top right of the blueprint’s preview screen. By selecting your campaign type and blueprint the next step is the design of the campaign’s landing page.


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