Daily / Weekly Actions

The Daily / Weekly Actions configuration allows you to boost audience engagement by encouraging users to return daily and / or weekly to complete repeat actions to earn multiple entries and / or cumulative points for the campaign over an extended period. The actions which can be set for daily / weekly engagement include:

  • Post on Instagram
  • Watch Video
  • View Website
  • Custom iframe


Setting up Daily / Weekly Actions

To enable an action to be available for daily / weekly interactions in your next campaign, select the “Add Actions” located in the top right corner of the Edit Actions sidebar. Then select an action that would like to make daily or weekly. Below is a screenshot of which actions are available for daily or weekly frequencies.

To edit the frequency of the action, click “Change” located in the top right corner and the text fields for “Entries to Award” and “Frequency” will become editable.

By default all actions are set to “Once,” you are given the option to change the above actions to:

  • Once
  • Daily
  • Weekly

When you have finished editing the selected action, click the “Create Action” or “Update Action” button located in the bottom right corner of the pop up menu to save the action’s settings.


Best Practices

By allowing actions within your campaign to be completed with different frequencies, you are able to encourage your audience to continue engagement with your campaign past their initial interaction. By changing the copy of your action, you provide new content on a regular basis and foster repeat engagement from your audience by encouraging them to return periodically. Some samples of how incorporating actions with different frequencies into your campaign include:

  • A weekly or daily reveal of an entire product line (Visit Website Action)
  • Attendance and Highlights from multi-day Fairs or Conventions (Post on Instagram Action)
  • Week to Week training and development series (Watch Video Action)
  • Allow audience to accumulate points (Any Repeat Action)

With repeatable actions, it is highly recommended to maintain a consistent hashtag throughout the duration.

To prevent the action from becoming predictable and stale, it is highly suggested  to change the copy in between the availability of the action.

This will allow your campaign to develop a hashtag around your campaign’s specific content while keeping it fresh and engaging for your audience throughout it’s duration.


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