Assigning Team Members

Today we're covering a new feature to help manage your growing influencer pool as you continue scaling with Sideqik. 

Assign team members to Influencers

As your influencer pool and team grows, it can get confusing to remember who is responsible for each influencer. To prevent double reach outs, confusion, and have better delegation, Sideqik lets you assign team members to an influencer. 

How do I use it?

Find the edit button under information and scroll down to assign the team member! Now everyone on your team will know who they need to reach out to and be responsible for, so they can work with that influencer. It also automatically sends brand post notifications for that influencer to the assigned member. The best part? You can filter by a team member to quickly find influencers you’re responsible or make sure the workload is allocated evenly across your team.

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