Influencer Notes Best Practice

This week we'll visit an often overlooked feature, notes. I've seen some of my most successful customers use notes as a collaboration tool between team members, a library to store agreements, or a place to record notes to help build stronger relationships. Let's take a look at how notes act as a powerful tool for keeping communication easy and simple. 

Pass Along Notes Like You're in High school!

Notes work as a great collaboration tool. Remember when we used to pass notes in class? You can leave comments about an influencer, tell your co-workers about an influencer you really like, or just make sure everyone understands the agreements you have with that special influencer.  

Labeling Relationships

Use labels and notes together to develop a strong pipeline of influencers. For example, if there are a few influencers you are interested in working with, but haven't reached out to yet. Label them: "In the Pipeline". If you need a quick refresher, find the previous help desk article in our Announcements section or here

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