Is the Price Right?

What's the value of an influencers post? How can you predict how many engagements an influencer will make? Use Sideqik's social ranking data to elevate your influencer game! 

Finding the Right Fit.

Discover value quickly using Sideqik's Social Ranking and Profile Analysis that is built out for every influencer. Use Average EMV per post to gain better insights into an influencer's predictive performance. Our Engagement scale shows how often fans interact with influencers and activity lets you see how often they post. Predict Earned Media for your activations through Sideqik. We love helping our customers have as much data as possible, and EMV per post is just one of many features to come! 

By the Networks 

Break down analytics by the network, and see which networks will get you the most bang for your buck! Find an influencer's strongest channel, and what social platforms aren't worth the money.

The profile analysis breaks down how often influencers are creating content and gives concrete numbers to the value of their channels. 

Discussing Strategy 

Thanks for reading this week's newsletter! If you would like to discuss this further, or review your influencer marketing strategy, I would be happy to schedule a strategy discussion to brainstorm new methods for your expansion and growth! 

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