Hungry for Data, we've got the best meal plan?

We're always looking to help you manage influencers while saving time. As hungry consumers of data, we are always collecting more data to help discover the most value in influencer marketing. Our newest additions is sentiment for influencers

You're Hot then You're Cold 

Who says it's hard to read tone on the internet? Sideqik makes it easy to see how positively your influencers are posting. See sentiment right in the influencer's profile. 

What sentiment means to me.

Sentiment can be used to measure how much your influencers love your brand, or the surprises you've sent them. Use them in activations to keep track of how great you are doing! 

Oh did I mention that you can train sentiment. Sometimes, we might label a post differently than what you think. We're always learning, and you can help! Just  click the colored dot next to a post, and change it on the spot. 

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